by Homestead

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released September 15, 2015

Homestead is: Stephanie Hord, Andrew Rodriguez, Alex Whitten, and Captain Burleson. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Phillip Odom at Bad Wolf Recordings. "Honest" was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Alex Whitten at Empty Light Studios. Produced by Andrew Rodriguez and Homestead. Album art by Andrew Munoz. Special thanks to Andrew Gunter.


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Homestead - TX Abilene, Texas

Texas based indie/rock.

Stephanie Hord- Guitar/Vocals
Andrew Rodriguez- Guitar
Alex Whitten- Bass
Captain Burleson- Drums

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Track Name: Fall Apart
You only love me when you're lonely.
You only kiss me in the dark.
I'm staring at the ceiling.
I'm staring straight ahead.
Fighting back the dreams in which I'm hoping to feel you in my arms again.

You only love me when you're lonely.
You only kiss me in the dark.
And you'll say hearts don't break, so pull yourself together.
But I always seem to fall apart.

Promise I'll feel better when you hold me.
Please don't make me ask.
'Cause every inch between us feels like miles in my head.
Wordless passions written for you are still lying in my bed.
In this bed.

They say fear can be restricting, so quite down your gut.
But they never warned me of the ones that use you up for fun.
Track Name: Take Me Back
I am calm, cool, and collected.
I am unsure of myself.
I'm in step.
I'm in short.
I'm in spite.
I'm inside.
I'm in wait.
I've seen the state of things.
I'm in back .
I'm in check.
I'm in a word in a rut.
I'm in time.
All in all I am alright.
Yeah I'm fine.
I'm alright.

I'm a liar and a skeptic.
Just give it to me straight.
And despite my clear deceptions.
I have a conscience I can't shake.
I'm fine..
I'm alright

My opinions are subjective.
You've heard it all before.
And I can't ha he your perceptions.
But they don't shake me anymore.

Posing smiles and shaking hands.
No, no, don't talk back.
Wake me up and fill my head.
Don't, don't speak your mind.

Walk in step.
Don't look back.
Keep your head.
Stay intact.

I am calm cool and collected.
I'm a liar and a skeptic.

I can't change your perceptions.
(Take me back)
But they don't shake me anymore.
(Take me back)
Track Name: Better Half
Force me to be faithless
Immerse me into hope
Take away my questions
And don't let me cut you short
I've seen a glimpse of future
I've cried over my past
And I've stayed up nights wondering how long my faith will last

I don't need a better half.

Your narratives look pretty
While bowed heads hide your mouth
I'm praying words of disbelief to God
And all the bibles on my shelf

If actions have a purpose
I don't know what yours is
Because all that I have witnessed are things you'd rather dismiss
You've always been devoted to saying all things die
And much less to the teachings that could make this all worthwhile

I don't need a better half to complete me.

I don't need a better half to complete me in ways that I already have.

I don't need a better half to complete me, because I already have.

I don't need a better half
Track Name: Sleep
Sleep doesn't help
It's an arbitrary pause
It's not permanent
But God I wish it was

Closing my eyes
The moment I wake
To keep myself alive
For some few hours more

Am I here now?
Is this the world that I'm supposed to seek?

If grace is a sea
Then I don't wanna drown
If it means I'm lost
And that I must be found
And when I lay down
I pray for heaven's sake
If I should lose my mind that I'll still be awake

Am I here now?
Or is this just a dream?
Am I here now?
Is this the world I'm suppose to seek?

Sleep doesn't help
No it doesn't help
Track Name: Honest
You say your imperfections make you less of who you are
But how could anything so right be so flawed?
'Cause the one I know
Has done just fine so far
But if I told you so
I think you'd find it odd

I swear everything I've ever wanted
Has been waiting for me
Wrapped up in your arms
And I don't know how to fix you
But I will sing you lullabies until your restless minds asleep

Your Nemean appearance is deceiving
Hidden amongst your myriad subtleties
And those tiny things that you may think are just so unappealing
Are a thousand times better than most anything I could think

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